Vision & Mission

With our deep insights in industrial wastewater treatment field, our vision is delivering efficient solutions and technologies to help industrial sectors or enterprises develop in an environment-friendly way.

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Ebo is your General Contractor, Engineering Consultant and Technology Packages Provider in the field of industrial wastewater treatment.


Ebo highly focuses on technology innovation and has developed a wide range of technologies in the field of wastewater treatment. With these patented technologies, Ebo has the capability to offer better solutions in variety of industries.

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Ebo is professional in offering waste water treatment solution for all sectors including textile, chemical, food, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, tanneries, winery and distillery, beer and beverages, new energy battery, municipal sewage and water reuse.

Industrial Park
Central treatment station of the park
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Printing and dyeing wastewater
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Wastewater from chemical palnt
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Wastewater from food processing
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Pulp and Paper
Stream with high COD and SS
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Toxic and biodegradability
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With heavy metal and chroma
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Winery and Distillery
Stream with high COD
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Beer and Beverages
Alkaline and high SS
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New Energy Battery
Stream from battery factory
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Domestic sewage
Municipal Sewage
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Water Reuse
Zero discharge or partial reuse
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